• Find potential buyers in foreign markets, contact buyers in the world and present your company and its products.
  • Submit the Pro forma invoice to the importer.
  • Ensure receive the formalization of business [PO (Purchase Order)] by the importer.
  • Save the document to export on Integrated System of Foreign Trade and ensure that the good to be exported will deliver on time.
  • Benefit from the economic growth in some regions of the world.
  • Expanding its markets to foreign markets by adding a small domestic market.
  • In the case of seasonal sales, regulate your revenue by taking advantage of different buying habits.
  • Insofar as your export prices can generate sufficient margins, your results will improve beneficiaries.
  • You're advancing the reputation and expertise your business internationally.
  • You will expand your knowledge of your industry by identifying your foreign competitors.
  • We make competitiveness in the world.
  • We increase the size of your business in the national and international scale.
  • We shout a global network of distribution.